About IIMS

It is the first institution in the field of prophetic medicine (Islamic Medical Science) in India. It is based on Holy Quran Hadith. The principles of Islamic Medicine Science is based on the medicinal investigation of early Islamic scholars (Imams) and post modern researchers of Islamic medicine. Quranic proclamations are very simple, perfect and more suitable to people all over the world at any time. Modern science has proved many factors which were explained as the right aspect and most suitable for the modern world.

Our Target

Prophetic Medicine has a perfect base in medical science. Its popularization and promotion is one of the essence of modern world. IIMS has defined the following aims and objectives.

1. To train interested students is Prophetic Medical Science.
2. To arrange prophetic medical consulting and treatment.
3. To conduct charitable activities for prevention and cure of diseases.
4. To conduct research in prophetic medicine and treatment.
5. To conduct awareness camps, seminars and study classes in order to promote the practice of prophetic medical system.
6. To accept donations, grants, presents and other contributions and make donations, grants and scholarship in cash or kind for the purpose of promotion of prophetic medicine.