Prophetic Medicine

Post Modern Prophetic Medicine

Prophetic Medicine is a system that is to be aptly called 'Post Modern Medicine', because it had eradicated serious diseases in the sixth century and proclaimed remedies for all the diseases that would affect mankind till the end of the world. Thereafter even great physicians lost their relevance in that society as it was relieved of all the illnessess to the extent that there was no other society to be held out as a better example. The caliphates that made their advent later also made the same image.

Systematic Medicine
It was after the reign on the second Caliph Omar that the theories of Prophetic Medicine were subjected to systematic studies and special centres instituted for the purpose. On account of the vast interest that Arabs showed in the acquisition of knowledge, they at these centres, studied philiosphy and Medicine of the West and East; but later these were presented in a much distorted form. History was so composed as to create the impression that they did it because Islam had no philosophy and Medical Sciences of its own foundation. That cherishes its own address and platform in every respect. At the same time it honours other disciplines and creative traditions and tries to study them and imbibe their virtues. That doesnot mean Islamic Sciences are pieced together from several sources. Especially in medical science, it can never be so. Instead, Islam presents the medical theories contained in the Qur'an and Hadith, in the form of a systematic curriculum. After the prophet's disciples the Muslim scholars and Imams have elaborated upon it in several ways. A systematic study of this medicine is being pursued as the most proper remedy for the new ailments in the modern world.

Prophetic Medicine is not Unani
Arabs were the motivation behind European renaissance. That mainly centred upon the revival of the legacy of Greco-German Philosophy. Some of the short sighted and religious blinded rulers in Rome started burning books that contained Greek philosophy and it was the Arabs who prevented them from the wicked act and saved the books. It was from the Arabs that the Europeans got these books which had later on become the foundation for European renaissance. It was not in full recognition of its worth that the Muslim Arab world showed so much of enthusiasm towards Greek philosophy. Especially many of its views on man and universe were not suitable for Islam. It was especially so in the case of Medical Science. Even today Greek medicine by the name Unani prevails in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Malaysia. There are even Muslim scholars who practise this system of medicine. Therefore many people mistake Unani medicine for Islamic medicine. A reconciled term, 'Unani Arabic Medicine' is being popularised in many places. Still it cannot therefore be called Islamic Medicine. If a great scholar of Islamic jurispridence runs an interest-based bank, it cannot be called an Islamic bank! It is the case with Unani Medicine. Many of its fundamental principles are not in conformity with the therapeutic, physiological and pathological principles laid down by Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be on him); though in many respects these are close to one another.

The Prophetic traditions related to medicine clearly define the latest critical diseases and also those that would follow immediately as well as those which would afflict mankind in future. His sacred words have touched upon all drugs and treatments. BIMS or Bachelor of islamic Medicine is a course on the post modern and comprehensive study of this sytem of treatment.